LED Improves the Value of Architectural Lighting Design

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LED Improves the Value of Architectural Lighting Design

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Lighting system is having important role in the architecture design, either the natural lighting system or artificial architecture. Lighting may become an instrument for us to be able to see the beauty of a building or the house around us.

In main principal, lighting is created to add or improve emotional impression of the architecture. Lighting is also influencing the artistic assessment of the people in that particular building.

How is the architecture impression? Does it have a similar impression between the one that has nice lighting system with other that has bad lighting system? Will it make any difference when it has natural lighting during the daytime and when it has an artificial lighting? Light may change the color texture based on the shape and the interior of each room. This is the real purpose of lighting system. Eyesight or vision is the only important matter for those who love architecture design and managing lighting system is a way to raise the value of the architecture design.

LED Improves the Value of Architectural Lighting Design

To create the balance between lighting and the architecture, it is necessary for the designer to consider the important aspects as follows:

  1. Esthetic value
  2. Function
  3. Efficiency

Esthetic value in architecture is focusing on emotional impression and the lighting balance that may improve the feelings of the building resident. This is the aspect where a designer determines how the people or the resident will feel when they are inside the building. This aspect is really important for the architectural creation of a designer. For the business purpose building, exterior lighting need to attract positive attention for the people outside meanwhile the interior lighting should impressed the people once they are walk in through your door and show off your products at the same time.

Second aspect is the function. We want the lighting to be seen from a certain angle, but we also want ou purpose to be achieved. And the most important, lighting should help our customer can see the products from our perspective. The area of the showroom has to be well bright so the people may comfortably hang around the room and the building. It has to create nice and comfortable feelings when they see the floor, wall, and anything surround them.

The last aspect is really important in this green eco-friendly building era. This aspect is to create luxurious lighting design but also has good energy saving system. It can be achieved that the lighting may lighten the most area with the smallest energy wasted. Decreasing energy or electricity wasted will make the lighting design system become more efficient. We can do it by installing LED lighting technology. It is because the LED technology has really good energy saving with very less energy wasted.

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